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There are two ways to search for the right apartment for you:

1) Search by date - Use the calendar on our website to search available properties in the region you prefer.

2) Fast search - select your requirement of these links, rooms, internet, number of beds.

Assessment system for hotel apartments.

All  Hotel Аpartments are valued at the system developed by us, including the possible four stars, indicating the high quality of service respectively, furnishings, location and extra luxury. The evaluation system allows visitors to compare adequately what the apartments offered for a price.

Assessment system based on the following stars:

SERVICE - This star indicates that the apartment is serviced and managed by our team and the quality and consistency of service are guaranteed.

FURNITURE - This star indicates that the apartment has a modern designer furniture. The apartments are equipped with all necessary household appliances, as well as necessary for your comfort, entertainment and luxury fittings. All of them are new and modern furniture, refurbished, ideal for international guests, business travelers, honeymooners, families, visitors for short and longer periods.

LOCATION - This star indicates that the apartment is a good spot, usually in the city center, convenient to reach all important places without the use of transport. This star and may indicate that the apartment is located in an extremely luxurious neighborhood with ideal connections to the airport and downtown.

VIP - This star indicates the extra luxury in furnishings and accessories. Usually, these apartments have additional household appliances, entertainment and luxury, such as mountain or the city center, security, concierge, garage, pool, spa, tennis court or gym, complete privacy.


Reservations can be made through the online form, email, fax or phone.

Once you have selected your desired apartment, click on Reservation. The calendar will orient in whether the apartment is available for you in the desired period. Fill in the reservation request and send it online. Our managers will contact you to confirm your reservation by email and telephone.


Change of booking
Reservations may be changed without having to pay. The ability to replace the reservation will depend on whether there will be other free apartments in the desired period. If there is a price difference between first and second selected apartment, it will be compensated

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Reservations may be canceled without penalty paid no later than 10 days before arrival. If the period is shorter than 10 days to pay a penalty amounting to 20%.

Pre-visit the apartment
Yes, it is possible, depending on whether the apartment is free and if possible a visit. If you wish to visit the apartment in advance, please send an email to the time at which you would be comfortable or write it in the free space for your comments on the booking form. We will contact you within 24 hours (working day) to arrange a time.

Security Deposit
You might be charged a deposit by the manager upon arrival. The standard deposit amount is € 100. It can be paid in cash or by credit card. It store manager to release the apartment and conducting the audit. If you do not find violations, guarantee deposit is returned to the visitor.

Regular customers do not require a deposit

Method and time of payment
Usually upon arrival is charged for the entire stay. Payment can be made by credit card or cash. If the stay exceeds 30 days, payments are made on a monthly basis.

Visitors must leave the apartment until 12:00 the next morning after last night's rental. The rent is calculated by including the last night. The keys are transmitted to 12.00. Guarantee deposit is refunded after inspection of the apartment. If such verification is required, the visitor should settle it with the manager of the apartment.

Return key

The manager will inform you about how and when to return the keys. Usually, the visitor must leave the apartment by 12.00 am on date of departure (day after last night).
Keys are left to the manager in checking before departure. If you need to travel at night or early morning, you can arrange with your manager prior inspection and leave the keys in the apartment on departure.

Minimum stay

The information for each apartment is set and the minimum stay. This is usually stay 2 nights, but some apartments may require a longer minimum stay. Please check that the description of the apartment.

Visitors are free to choose when to arrive and depart within the reserved period under normal conditions.
Stay longer than the reserved
Visitors may wish to extend your reservation, but this request must be made at least 24 hours prior to departure. The extension will depend on the occupancy of the apartment. If the hotel apartment is not free after the date of departure, it will require visitor to leave, and we will try to provide suitable alternative accommodation immediately.

The number of people who can be accommodated is specified in the description of the apartment. The number of sleeping places maximum number of people who can be accommodated for the night in the apartment. This may include sofa.
Please check the description of the apartment that included sofas.

Included accessories are: electricity, water and heating.
For stays shorter then 3 months, supplies are included in the price reasonable use. Exorbitant bills (more than 30% of the cost for the same period before) covered by the visitor.

Internet connection

There are differences between apartments, so please check the description to make sure that your internet connection meets your requirements.

We offer several types of broadband: cable (LAN), ADSL or wireless (wireless). There are no restrictions in traffic. Its value is included in the price.

Most apartments are wired (LAN) internet. It is provided by the cable.

The presence of the ADSL phone line is needed. Not all apartments have a telephone, but where this is available, it is activated through an ADSL connection.

Most apartments have wireless (wireless) connection, whether it is active and  or ADSL LAN connection.
Please note that the apartments do not have computers. To use your Internet connection, you will need a PC or laptop. For detailed information, please read the brochure in your room or ask the manager.
Some apartments have telephones. Local calls are free, but not allowed the selection of long distance or international calls. If it is a requirement of the visitor, a good solution would be a prepaid calling card. Please specify your requirements with upraviteya.
For stays longer than 3 months or long term rentals, supplies not normally include bills for electricity, heating and water costs are the visitor.


All hotel apartments listed on our site are fully furnished, but there may be differences. To be completely sure that everything that you want included, please check the description.

Cooking appliances

All apartments are fully furnished with all necessary appliances and cooking appliances. For detailed information on specific devices, please check the descriptions of the apartments.


The price includes professional cleaning during your stay. For longer stays apartments are cleaned twice a week, sheets are changed once a week.


Equipment which is provided each apartment can be verified in the data for the apartment. We provide laundry detergents, dryers or dryers.

Security and Protection

All apartments are equipped with security doors and security keys. Most apartments are connected with alarm. We strongly recommend that you use this system for security during your stay. For more information, please find directions to your apartment or send a message to the manager of your apartment.

Address of apartment

The apartment address is provided to you by e-mail confirmation of your registration. If you need further information, please contact us.


On arrival at the apartment please check the list of inventory. You will be expected to pass the apartment in described condition. Any damage caused during your stay will be your responsibility. All costs that the manager has to suffer due to damage, offset by the visitor.


In most apartments do not allow pets. Please contact our team to confirm whether you may bring your pet in our apartments.


Our priority is to keep your data inviolable. All personal data submitted  on are strictly confidential and will under no circumstances be disclosed to a third party.

Invoice will issue an invoice for each payment made. Usually you can get from your manager if you pay after the apartment.


All amounts are quoted in euros. Payments can be made in euro and in lev. For your convenience you can use the currency calculator on our site.

Access for disabled
Some apartments are on ground floor or have adequate elevators, and they themselves are adapted to move a wheelchair. Please visitors with special needs to contact our team to be able to render adequate assistance in choosing a suitable apartment.

Children in flats

Our apartments are suitable for small children as we can give them a cot and high chairs for dining. If you need accessories for children, please note this in the booking form.


Do you need more help?

If you have not found the answer to your question on this list, or you need additional assistance, please contact our team This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us anytime  +359 889 518073 ,  +359 887 595 377 .

We speak English ! 

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